House Passes Bill Authorizing Obama to Arm Terrorists

With the help of Republicans, the House passed a bill to arm the band of terrorist cut-throats that are attempting to overthrow the secular Syrian Dictatorship and install a jihadist, Islamic theocracy. It’s a fiction that any of these terrorist groups are “moderates.” That is just a fig leaf that is used for our corrupt politicians to do the bidding of the Saudi Dictatorship, their paymaster. It just shows how far the Republicans have been corrupted and are collaborating with Obama.

House approves Obama’s Iraq-Syria military strategy

Obama to arm directly his terrorist allies in Syria

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Obama’s Ship Is Sinking By The NY Post

With Obama’s recent approval rating diving into the upper 30’s, he is sliding into impeachment territory. Now is not the time to give up or become complacent. He needs to be removed from office for many reasons, so that he does not set a new low in the standards for the presidency and before he does more damage to our interests at home and abroad. This anti-American subversive is extremely dangerous to have as President and in command of our military. He is literally giving arms and tax money to terrorists and Congress has been going along with that. The whole cart full of rotten apples needs to be toppled and that can only happen, if the opposition to Obama rises first to a level that can no longer be ignored. First goes Obama and then he drags the entire corrupt gang with him, who enabled him.

Obama’s ship is sinking by the NY Post

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Beheaded American’s Family Threatened by the Obama Regime

The Foley’s should have known that only Obama is above the law. Only he can make deals with Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups and send them money and arms, as long as it in line with his destructive agenda. To read more, go to the link below by One America News:

Foley family says was ‘threatened’ by U.S. official over ransom: ABC

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Free Syrian Army – Our Allies, Funded With Your Tax Dollars

These are the “moderate” rebels of the Free Syrian Army, whom Obama and John McCain have allied us with and to whom they send several hundred million dollars in aid every year. Now, Obama wants to send them arms and military equipment and $500 million annually. It does not appear that there is any real difference between the Free Syrian Army and Al Qaeda units, who make up the strongest part of the Syrian Rebels. These groups in Syria spawned ISIS.

If you really want to watch the gruesome video of a child beheading a man, click through to YouTube at the link below. The video is not allowed to be embedded and viewed on a separate website, because it is so offensive.

Syrian rebels use a child to behead a prisoner

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Globe Magazine – ‘Impeach Obama NOW’ Cover – 9/8/2014

Globe Magazine has published several impeach-Obama covers over the last couple of years. Whatever one may think of the tabloid magazine, hundreds of thousands of people see it at the check-out counter. To see more such Globe covers, go to this link:

Globe Impeach Obama Covers

Globe Magazine Cover - Impeach Obama NOW

Globe Magazine Cover – Impeach Obama NOW

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Impeach Obama – Not A Conservative Blog

See more here.

IMPEACH OBAMA if he REFUSES to get CONGRESSIONAL and UN SECURITY COUNCIL authorization for IRAQ WAR III — Thomas Archer Prentice, Ph.D.

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Gadget Dan On Watch At Congresswoman Susan Davis’ Office

Gadget Dan continues his almost daily vigil in front of San Diego Congresswoman Susan Davis’ office against illegal immigration and for Obama’s impeachment.


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