Luis Gutierrez Booed/Jeered In Tucson At Illegal-Amnesty Forum

Tucson Amnesty ProtestAnother protest of subversive Congressman Luis Gutierrez took place in Tucson at Pima Community College. Below is a report by The Daily Ledger of One America News Network that contains some video of the protest. The main speakers were Congressmen Raul Grijalva and Luis Gutierrez, described as two of the most prominent supporters of mass amnesty for illegal aliens. The event was protested by members of two patriots groups, Riders USA of Phoenix and WTF of Arizona.

Luis Gutierrez has been touring the country promoting mass amnesty and illegal immigration for a couple of years, often holding events in Spanish. Gutierrez has a background of membership in Marxist groups. Many in the patriot movement consider him to be a subversive and anti-American traitor, who is promoting illegal immigration in order to permanently shift the tilt the balance of political power in favor of Progressives. They feel that he is blatantly promoting lawbreaking at these immigration forums.


Grijalva Immigration Forum Draws Protests

Immigration forum interrupted by hecklers

Immigration forum in Tucson turns contentious

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Protest Gutierrez/Bush/Huckabee at Pro-Amnesty Conference in Houston

Radical Congressman Luis Gutierrez promoting immigration anarchy

Radical Congressman Luis Gutierrez
Promoting immigration anarchy

Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee will be supporting radical, anti-American congressman, Luis Gutierrez, at a pro-amnesty, pro-La Raza conference in Houston to promote immigration lawlessness. This is a call for patriot groups and individuals in the area to rise up and protest this gaggle of corrupt, lawless politicians at the site of the conference on opening morning.

Gutierrez is a communist, a terrorist sympathizer and Obama’s biggest promoter of dictated amnesty. He calls himself the representative in Congress for all illegal aliens, everywhere. Yet, these two Republicans appear with him to help him promote his malicious agenda for Obama’s illegal amnesty and the communist-inspired destruction of American sovereignty.

Of course, Jeb Bush is also known as an ardent supporter of mass Amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens, calling the breaking of immigration law an “act of love.” Bush is married to a Mexican woman, but we will not go into the Freudian implications of his statement.

Jeb Bush, Luis Gutierrez to Keynote Pro-Amnesty Group’s Convention – Breitbart

Luis Gutierrez – Discover the Networks

Mike Huckabee to join Jeb Bush & Luis Gutierrez as Headliners at Convention

Comrade Luis Gutierrez endorses Jeb Bush for President

Samuel Rodriguez, a pentecostal preacher and the chairman of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership conference is a fanatical supporter of amnesty, going on a 40-day fast for amnesty in 2013. He also works closely with the National Council of La Raza. Rodriguez is a charismatic, messianic figure, who preaches in a very bombastic way a doctrine similar to liberation theology.

Evangelical pastor continues 40-day immigration fast as House set to leave

Useful idiot or one-world traitor?

Jeb Bush
Useful idiot or one-world traitor?

F.A. Hayek, in his book, “The Road to Serfdom,” wrote that the Nazi regime was a “moral” regime. That is, not because it was a morally good government, but because they used so-called moral arguments as an excuse to not follow the law and trash their constitution. After the Rule of Law has been destroyed, a dictator has free rein to substitute his own “moral” judgment in place of the law. All dictators claim their lawless actions are a moral necessity.

Mike Huckabee Preaching immigration lawlessness

Mike Huckabee
Preaching immigration lawlessness?

That is exactly what this unholy threesome of corrupt and anti-American politicians are promoting at this pro-amnesty conference. Do not be fooled when they use a false morality under the guise of religion to promote a subversive political agenda against the Constitution, Rule of Law and American national sovereignty. Use of such false “moral” arguments to promote a darker agenda is a long-time, standard tactic of subversives. Saul Alinsky taught radicals to use their opponents’ own values against them, but he did not invent the idea. This subversive tactic has been used for centuries by those, who want to use religion to gain personal power. It is not Christianity, but rather the opposite under the guise of Christianity.

Where:      Crown Plaza Houston
            8686 Kirby Drive 
            Houston, Tx 77054            
Time:       8:00 am  (Tentative)          
            Keep checking this page for updates.            
Date:       Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Parking:    In nearby streets

Take photos and video. Let this blogger know via the contact tab above, if you have photos or video to share.

The information above is provided by a remotely-located blogger with no guarantees of how the protest will turn out. It is a call to patriots in the area for a protest. If you are on the ground in Houston and would like to help coordinate, please contact me.

That the moral judgement of a few, power-mad politicians overrules the law is a standard talking point for those, who favor immigration lawlessness. At a town-hall in 2013, John McCain declared that enforcement of the immigration law is immoral. Many leading Republicans support immigration lawlessness, whether they will all admit it openly or not.

John McCain: Enforcing Immigration Law is Immoral

The immigration law is not broken, just not enforced by greedy, self-interested politicians. That started long before Obama was in office, though Obama has taken the lawlessness to new, much greater heights. Crooked, subversive, radical politicians of both major parties are the problem, not the immigration law. The current immigration law was written back in the days when many politicians still felt some duty to protect and serve the citizens of the US, not go against our national interests.

Report on an Earlier Protest of Luis Gutierrez

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Protest Obama Visit to Charlotte – Impeach Obama NOW!

Impeach Obama NOW protest in Boise, Idaho Click photo to go to gallery

Earlier Impeach Obama NOW protest in Boise, Idaho

Dictator Obama will visit Charlotte, NC on Tuesday, April 15 to receive the idolization of his followers at ImaginOn in Uptown Charlotte.

Obama to visit Charlotte, discuss issues among working families

Local patriot groups and individuals are requested to join this protest. If you belong to a group in the area, please ask your organizer to support this protest.

If you would like to help organize this protest, send me a message using the contact tab above. If you are interested in participating in this and future protests, please join this group.

Impeach Obama NOW! – North Carolina

Keep checking this webpage for updates on time and location. Details are tentative, though the place has been announced.

The start time was changed to 1pm because the following news report says he is scheduled to arrive in Charlotte at 1:50pm. His schedule is often not so accurate. So, it is best to get there early, if you can, and be prepared to wait.

Obama to meet with working women in Charlotte

Where:      ImaginOn
            300 E 7th St, 
            Charlotte, NC 28202            
Time:       1:00 pm  (Tentative)          
            Keep checking this page for updates.            
Date:       Wednesday, April 15th, 2015
Parking:    In nearby streets

If you don’t have a sign, bring a flag to wave, a noisemaker, a bullhorn, or just bring your lungs and stand with the other protesters. Every person counts.

At the link below are some poster images that you can download and take to Staples and have them print a 2x3ft sign for about $3.50 per copy. Consider making more than one sign to share with any of your other co-patriots, who may come without one.

Impeach Obama Poster Downloads

Take photos and video. Let this blogger know via the contact tab above, if you have an photos or video to share.

The information above is provided by a remotely-located blogger with no guarantees of how the protest will turn out. It is an opportunity to protest Obama in his presence. It depends on the patriot groups and individual patriots in the area as to what they make of it.

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National Monthly Protest – Impeach Obama Now – April, 2015 (video)

Oceanside01This is a report of the national impeach Obama protest held in April. The suggested date of the protest is the 1st Saturday of every month. However, if it is not possible to have it on that date, photos and video of protest on other dates can be included as well. The concept is to grow step by step every month. The participants should commit to protesting multiple months, so that this national protest will take off. We will publicize the results and recruit new organizers every month between protests. Help spread the word recruit new event hosts and participants. To find a state group, use this link:

State Group Directory

If you are thinking about hosting a protest, contact me via the “contact” tab at the top of this page. Or, just leave a comment at the bottom of this page.


A national cable news network reported on our protest in April, The Daily Ledger talk show of the One America News network (OANN). OANN is a new cable news network, which has a mandate from its owner to cover those, who have not had a voice before. Their talk shows are targeted at the patriot movement. To find out how to receive OANN on your cable, go to their website.


This is collection of some of the video sent to us by organizers in four towns of the approximately 12 towns that held protests. Organizers are encouraged to send video of events, in order to help promote the protests on YouTube as well as to submit for potential future cable news broadcasts. Short video clips can be e-mailed and clips that are too large for e-mail can be sent via a service, such as

Below are photos or video of individual protests.

Austin, TexasImpeach Obama NOW! – Texas

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Charlotte, North CarolinaImpeach Obama NOW! – North Carolina

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lake Oswego, OregonImpeach Obama NOW! – Oregon

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oceanside, California (San Diego, County)Impeach Obama NOW! – California

Pastor Clark was a passerby, who provided a short statement. One of his church members was passing out literature on the same corner as our protest.

Patriot Pastor Clark Interview of West Coast Baptist Church

Sacramento, CaliforniaImpeach Obama NOW! – California

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

San Antonio, TexasRiver City Tea Party Patriots

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Simi Valley, CaliforniaImpeach Obama NOW! – Simi Valley

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


These towns had a protest, but have not yet sent any photos or video this time. Photos are from previous events (file photos).

Indianapolis, IndianaProtest Obama – Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana

Las Vegas, NevadaImpeach Obama NOW! – Nevada

Solo Protest on Las Vegas Strip Just getting started and looking for help

Solo Protest on Las Vegas Strip
Just getting started and looking for help

Memphis, TennesseeImpeach Obama NOW! – Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee

Royal Oak Michigan (Detroit)Impeach Obama NOW! – Michigan

No photos, so far.

Victoria, TexasVictoria/ Port Lavaca / Port O’Connor Patriots


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Killer Poster for Impeach Obama Protests

This poster has been stolen from me twice already by outraged Obama followers at impeach-Obama protests. So, I think it must be a very effective poster. They did not yell and threaten me or anything like that. They just quietly grabbed it and ran like hell.

If you are a bit lazy and don’t mind spending the money, just download the image and take it to a print shop, like Staples, to have it printed on 2×3 ft paper (or size of your choice) and attach it to a piece of cardboard or corrugated plastic (corroplast). Click on the image to get the full-sized version, before downloading.

Obama bin Laden Poster

Obama bin Laden Poster

If you want to do something cheaper, you can print this PDF file on 12 pages of regular paper with an 8.5x11inch printer. Set your printer option to print “border-less,” if possible, so that you don’t have to trim all the edges. Be aware that this is a rather large file.

Obama bin Laden PDF file (2×3 feet)

You then fit the pages together when you glue it to the backing. “Wheat paste” can be used to glue it to cardboard or corroplast. It is made from flour, sugar and water. So, it costs practically nothing and adheres as well as anything. To find out how to make wheat paste, just Google for it or see the video at this link.

Sign-making tips

This is how the poster looks in action. Remember, don’t turn your back on this poster or some Obama follower may grab it and run off with it. The effectiveness of this poster has been validated in tests with real Obama followers.


More poster downloads are available at the top menu bar.

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Obama Offers Mormons Pact With The Devil

Obama DevilThe media was excluded from this secret meeting, but it is not too difficult to imagine what went on. Obama offers all churches free tax money and and the souls of new converts, if they will only support his lawbreaking and destruction of American national sovereignty. It’s a contract with the Devil, so to speak. Churches are encouraged to accept fake “refugees,” who are not really refugees at all, and newly-arrived illegal aliens. The churches are well paid for their room and board and are available for recruitment into the church taking care of them.

Obama Huddles Privately With Mormon Leaders in Utah

It is a violation of federal law to aid and abet illegal aliens, but the Government has been doing it with impunity for decades. When so many millions of illegal aliens are enticed to come that it threatens the sovereignty of the Nation and is intended to be used to gain permanent political power, this is actually subversion and treason. We should not be afraid to call it what it is.

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Traitorous Congressman Shutdown at Raucous Amnesty Townhall in LA

Luis Gutierrez, the biggest promoter of illegal amnesty in Congress was met with protesters in Los Angeles. This is the report from the Daily Ledger by One America News Network (OANN).

Representative Karen Bass (Cal. 37th District held immigration Town Hall was at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 21, 2015. Special was guest the radical Representative, Luis Gutierrez of Chicago, billed as the champion of immigration reform. A protest of the event was organized by Robin Hvidston, executive director of We the People Rising of Orange County. The Townhall was actually organized by The Coalition for Human Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), a Chicano organization which is radical supporter of illegal immigration.

Representative Karen Bass did not attend the meeting and provided a recorded statement. She said she was unexpectedly invited by Obama to be part of a presidential delegation, which would attend the inauguration of the new president in Namibia.

The invocation was given by Stephen Cue Jn-Marie, the pastor of the Church Without Walls in LA. Pastor Cue skipped the traditional pray and made a political statement instead that cast Jesus as an illegal alien and implied that even God was a supporter of illegal immigration.

The protesters were very vocal in their opposition to illegal amnesty, in general, and especially to Luis Gutierrez, billed as the champion of immigration reform. Some shouted that he was a traitor, criminal and a communist. Gutierrez seemed flustered, lectured the protesters in Spanish on their behavior and ran out of the meeting just before the advertised question and answer session, which was expected to be raucous.

Some protesters felt that it was ironic that they were repeatedly threatened by the University police with U.S. Law and expulsion from the meeting, while this was a meeting of illegal aliens, which promotes illegal immigration.

A panel of two remaining experts remained after the hurried exit of the special guest, Representative Gutierrez. The young panelists were asked questions by the about whether it encourages law breaking, how citizens would be protected by criminal illegal aliens. The exchange was quite contentious.

The meeting was conducted in Spanish, even though it seemed there were few people there, who did not speak English. It was lightly attended with many empty seats. Many of the attendees appeared to by activist supporters or illegal immigration, not necessarily average illegal working people.

Organizers video: Patriots give vent to their opposition at a forum for illegal aliens and their supporters promoting Obama’s dictated amnesty. The forum was hosted by U.S. Congressional Representatives Luis Gutierrez and Karen Bass at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.


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