Investigations: Nixon Versus Obama Convictions

What difference does  it make now?

What difference does
it make now?

Below are resignations and convictions of Government officials that resulted from the Watergate scandal or otherwise among Nixon’s cronies. Out of the Fast and Furious, Benghazi investigations or other, numerous scandals in the Obama administration have come no convictions or resignations. The Republicans are just not interested in seriously prosecuting Obama and his cronies’ many crimes and misdeeds, mainly because they are complicit in many of them and benefit financially from maintaining the status quo. The investigations that the Republicans have done appear to be mostly theater to delude the voter about their real intentions.

● one presidential resignation

● one vice-presidential resignation – although Agnew’s crimes were unrelated to Watergate

● 40 government officials indicted or jailed

● H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman (White House staff), resigned 30 April 1973, subsequently jailed

● John Dean (White House legal counsel), sacked 30 April 1973, subsequently jailed

● John Mitchell, Attorney-General and Chairman of the Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP), jailed

● Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy (ex-White House staff), planned the Watergate break-in, both jailed

● Charles Colson, special counsel to the President, jailed

● James McCord (Security Director of CREEP), jailed

From: Watergate Casualties and Convictions

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Protest of Obama’s Illegal Amnesty at Rep. Darrell Issa’s Office

A group of citizens protest Representative Darrell Issa’s vote for HR83, known as the Cromnibus appropriations bill for 2015. HR 83 is a massive bill full of pork and wasted expenditures that funds Obama’s dictated amnesty and Obamacare. It also gives Obama a billion dollars to fund his support of fraudulent refugee claims, living expenses and transport for well over 100 thousand border jumpers from Central American countries, so far. They plan to fly these so-called “refugees” in the future from their home countries for resettlement in the U.S. This protest was organized by We The People Rising. Afterwards there was a meeting with one of Issa’s staff. Three videos with a total length of 17:21 minutes.

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Obama Flees The American Public

Obama zombies at a campaign rally

Obama zombies at a campaign rally

Remember the days when Obama could still fill stadiums to overflowing with starry-eyed, robotic messiah worshipers? He seemed invincible then. Now, Obama is literally afraid to face the public. Lately, he has been meeting behind closed doors with small, select groups of wealthy donors or illegal aliens and their radical, activist supporters.

Last week he gave a speech at a military base in New Jersey, where the soldiers feel obligated to be in attendance and applaud politely. It has become nearly impossible for Obama to find adoring masses willing to feed his pathological, psychopathic ego. The trend that is well in place by now of utter rejection of Obama and his collaborators in Congress is likely to continue and even accelerate in the near future.

He avoids going before the public due to the bad reaction he may receive, which will damage his carefully cultivated image of invulnerability. His announcement of the dictated amnesty for millions of illegal aliens was not even broadcast on the major American networks, because it was rightly feared that it would enrage the American public. The broadcast was instead broadcast on major Spanish-language networks to Latin America for the purpose of inciting massive numbers of additional illegals aliens to head for our border for the many expected free benefits, including free cash credits from the IRS and paid living expenses for fraudulent, so-called “refugees.”

Those relatively few Americans, who realized early on that he is a subversive and would actively try to undermine our system of government, were in the beginning often too intimidated by his massive support to oppose him personally in public. It can now also work in the other direction, if we will push it. Lately, some have been showing that they are not afraid to come out and protest directly in his face.

Obama meets with a few illegal aliens  and lawless radical supporters in Nashville

Obama meets with a few illegal aliens
and lawless radical supporters in Nashville

Then, in 2009, many were naively asking why he cannot seem to figure out how to help us? Now, it is pretty widely accepted and discussed openly that Obama’s malicious goal is to destroy America as we have known it and to subjugate its citizens. It is also becoming apparent that even many greedy and power-mad Republicans like John Boehner, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others are lying backstabbers, who are collaborating with Obama in his dictatorial power grab. It is a larger problem than just a few RINO’s, because Republican congressmen continue to vote for the same treasonous leadership, who refuse to act to protect the Constitution and rule of law. Their political careers and coveted future financial wealth depend on their toeing the party line in the sell out of the American Republic. Just look at what they did to Michele Bachmann for daring to speak just a little politically-incorrect truth that had not been pre-approved by John Benedict Boehner. They ran her out of Congress. It was the Republican traitors, who did that, not the Democrats. Benedict Boehner and the other Obama lackeys should be run out of Congress instead.

Protesting the Stamp Act in Boston

Protesting the Stamp Act in Boston

Things have now changed since 2009. Public wrath can have a huge impact on politicians. In their day the American colonialists often hung their tyrant, King George, in public effigy. King George was safely across the ocean and that was why a violent revolution was eventually necessary.

Our corrupt and treacherous politicians of today are not distant from us. They have to live among us. A violent revolution is not necessary to bring them down. All that is necessary is the united will of a large part of the American people. The political survival and even physical liberty of this small, treasonous gang depends on keeping the public in awe of the power that they wield. Like it is said about prisons, the few guards are in control only so long as the much more numerous prisoners allow them to be in control.

Some have begun to speak out publicly and vehemently against the tyrant, Obama, and his backstabbing crew of collaborators in the Republican party. See this video of the recent Las Vegas protest, where he gave a speech celebrating his illegal “amnesty” at a school that includes many illegal aliens as students. Hundreds turned out to show their disgust with Obama and his collaborators in Congress. Let us keep this trend growing more and more. If you live in an area that Obama is likely to visit, be prepared with signs, bullhorns and organization ahead of time, because his visits are announced on very short notice, usually only a few days. This kind of protest can be much easier, less expensive and more effective than a march on Washington. Let Obama come to you.

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Republicans Gird To Wage War On The American People

The Republicans in Congress have finally let their mask fall and exposed themselves as liars, cheats and anti-Americans that they are. They did not defund Obama’s criminal amnesty or Obamacare in the so-called Cromnibus budget bill, but they did reportedly increase by an order of magnitude the amount of money the wealthy elites can give to political candidates. They know that ordinary America people are the only thing standing between them and joining with the Democrats to create essentially a one-party dictatorship that will destroy America as we have known it. They are preparing to wage war upon us with the backing of foreign and internationalist gangsters.

This is depressing to a lot of people, but it is actually a positive development. The Republican politicians have been crooked and traitorous for years. It did not just happen over the last few weeks. Americans have puzzled themselves for years over why the Republicans were somehow unable to get anywhere with investigations of the obvious criminal and treasonous behavior of the Obama regime. Now we know and it is obvious. They are in league with Obama and the Democratic leadership. Their publicly-displayed opposition to each other is mostly theater, performed to distract us from their behind the scenes deal-making. It is not about blackmail and threats, but under-the-table pay-offs and lust for power.

Defining a problem is half of the solution. The Republican criminals have finally let us know exactly where we stand. There are over 300 million of us and only a few hundred of these traitors in Congress, even if they are backed by people of immense wealth, who want to control America. They have to swim in this ocean of public opinion. Our task is to rally public opinion against the criminals leading both parties.

It is often not obvious from where a solution to a problem will come. However, if tens of millions of Americans become aware of what the real problem is and begin working to resolve it, a solution will eventually emerge. There is still no human force on earth greater than a unified American public opinion when it is brought to bear. It just needs to be focused on the real problem. Just voting for Republicans is not the solution, unfortunately.

Democrats and Republicans have dominated us by fueling partisan polarization among the public, while both parties were plotting against us behind our backs to sell us down the river. The lies and deceit of the Republicans are the worst, because they pretended to be on our side. A lot of ordinary Americans, who happen to vote Democratic are lately not at all happy with the current state of affairs, either. We need to put aside the bitter partisan attacks on other ordinary Americans that keep us divided and focus more on the real wrong-doers, the corrupt and power-mad politicians of both parties. If they want war with us, let’s give it to them!

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Operation American Freedom – Impeach Obama / No Amnesty (Photos)

These are some photos from the Operation American Freedom protest in front of the White House on December 10, 2014. It was primarily in opposition to Obama’s dictated amnesty and for his impeachment, conviction and removal. The protest was done in conjunction with the group of sheriffs, who lobbied congressmen to stop Obama’s illegal amnesty.

Operation American Freedom
No Amnesty / Impeach Obama Protest
Click Photo to go to Facebook gallery

Operation American Freedom Photo Gallery

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Anti-Islamization/Immigration Protests in Germany

News that you will not likely see in our state/corporate-controlled media. Populist movements are gaining momentum all across Europe from Norway to Greece. Over the last couple of years there have been growing protests against the rise of fanatical Islam in Germany, excessive immigration and fraudulent mass refugee claims. (Sound familiar?) The German protests are organized by a group called, PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes or “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West”). The European media has tried to marginalize this patriotic movement with claims of Nazi connections. The new United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has performed surprisingly well in recent elections in the UK against the establishment parties. Fueled with money from oil sheiks and international corporate financial interests, extremist elements have been using corrupt establishment politicians in western countries to undermine traditional western values and our democratically-elected, representative political systems for decades and people are beginning to rebel against it in large numbers. In the US, both the Democratic and Republican Parties have been infiltrated and corrupted and the leaderships of both parties are now working fairly openly against the interests of ordinary Americans.

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Impeach Obama Protests At His In-The-Flesh Appearances (Video Playlist)

Videos of protests of Obama’s visits to Southern California and other parts of the country. In San Diego, we have been protesting Obama’s visits since September of 2011. One of the best opportunities to protest the wannabe Great Dictator is when Obama visits a city in your area. The event is widely publicized, normally, though there may only be a couple of days notice. The Dear Leader loves adoring throngs of fans. Everywhere he goes he should see only large crowds of angry protesters. Such protests are often shown on the local media and even by some national media. These protests also impress politicians, who may decide to act against Obama’s usurpation. If you think Obama is likely to come to your area, you should be prepared ahead of time with signs, flags, bullhorns, etc. and join other protesters directly at the site of the event whenever possible. The police and SS will normally allow protesters to be within sight of the motorcade. Take photos and video for upload to the Internet. Spread the word.

Click though to YouTube to see the entire playlist contents at one time. Or, just click here.

Protest of Obama Fundraiser in La Jolla, California

Protest of Obama Fundraiser in La Jolla, California

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