Announcing National Impeach Obama Week II

Impeach Obama Protest - Austin, Texas

Impeach Obama Protest – Austin, Texas

Find a street corner a government building or an overpass and start making your signs, because National Impeach Obama Week is October 18-25, just before the mid-term elections. The time to stand up and be counted is before the election, not after the election. You can learn more and register your own protest at this link.

National Impeach Obama Week

Large and small protests are encouraged all across the Nation. They all count. We want to enable average Americans to stand up and speak out. Anyone can do this. All you need is a couple of like-minded friends and some signs.

Since we hardly expect the main-stream media to publicize this event beforehand, we plan to repeat these protests every few weeks, gradually attract new participants and snowball the effort. So, have patience and stick with us over the longer term. This is a campaign that will last months, not a single event.

This is an all-volunteer effort, we do not ask for your money, only your participation. Please send photos and video of your event afterwards so that we can show our results and attract new participants for the next event. Act like America is depending on you, because she is!

Impeach Obama Protest - Norwich, NY

Impeach Obama Protest – Norwich, NY

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Fox Ridicules Skeptics of Obama’s Eligibility

Coulter and O’Reilly are just media whores for the quisling Republican establishment. Not sure why anyone still watches Fox News, owned by a pro-amnesty, foreign-born globalist and an anti-American, Islamic-culture-promoting Saudi prince. Fox is the fox guarding the hen house. They have done a lot of damage to the country by not reporting the whole truth about Obama. Try “One America News” at #208 on ATT U-verse for a little more truth. Fox dearly needs some competition.

This video is apparently from a couple of years ago when Obama released his fake, computer-fabricated, long-form birth certificate.

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CA Senator Huff Told To Stop Voting for Illegal Alien Incentives

Senator Bob Huff (R) voted yes to SB 1159 – which grants illegal aliens in California the right to apply for more than 200 professional and vocational licenses. Here a constituent demands that he stop voting for legislation that gives illegal aliens an incentive to come here. In fact, there is a federal law that makes it a crime to aid and abet illegal aliens. However, many politicians believe that they should be above the law that is applied to ordinary citizens.

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Potential Of Ebola For Terrorism

Mass Ebola Infection Route

Mass Ebola Infection Route

Much has already been written already about the potential of using Ebola as a terrorist weapon, just Google it. Both the US and Soviet Union considered it for use as a bio-weapon. The Japanese Cult Aum Shinrikyo tried to obtain Ebola for use as a terrorist weapon before they bombed the Japanese subways with Sarin Gas. The cult sent a team of people to Africa, but they were unable to obtain samples of the virus. Now Ebola is widespread in Africa and readily available for terrorist groups to obtain, especially for jihadists, who do not fear dying in the attempt.

Many have concluded that it would be difficult for terrorists to spread Ebola widely in the US and that a country with a strong medical system would react quickly and stop the spread of the disease caused by a few terrorists intentionally infecting the public. Our confidence has been shaken a little in the last few weeks in the ability of the US medical system to deal with even a few cases of Ebola. However, the following seems to be is what the analysts are overlooking.

It is not necessary for terrorists to infect the US directly. We have a populous neighbor to the south of us, Mexico, which does not have a strong medical system and we have a high-traffic, porous border. There are millions of Mexicans and other Latin Americans crossing the border every year. Terrorists only have to spread Ebola in Mexico, where it would in short order overwhelm the Mexican medical system. When that happens, it will not be a couple of terrorists spreading the virus to a few people in the US. There would eventually be thousands of border crossers carrying the deadly virus across the border infecting many thousands of Americans.

This would be a means of mass infection of the US by terrorists. The US medical system cannot deal with such a mass infection without mass production of medical treatments and a vaccine for Ebola. There will be no chance to trace the contacts of the illegal aliens crossing the border and they will spread it far and wide to the most vulnerable parts of the US in impoverished neighborhoods. The Border Patrol even helps deliver 10’s of thousands of illegal aliens to their destinations all across the US by Obama’s (illegal) order.

If there is a large uncontrolled outbreak in our neighbor, Mexico, it will be extremely difficult to prevent a similar mass outbreak in the US. All the terrorists have to do is infect a few people in Mexico with Ebola, not necessarily masses of people in the US directly. It may already be spreading in Mexico without our knowing about it. Political correctness will kill us in this case.

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Obama Reportedly To Import Foreign Ebola Patients

A dictated amnesty for millions of illegal aliens is not enough, encouraging millions more to come. So now Obama is reportedly planning to illegally import foreign citizens, who have been infected with Ebola for treatment in the USA. How generous of him!

Obama Plans to Let Ebola-infected Foreigners Into U.S. for Treatment

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Uncanny – Hollywood Foretold Obama in 1996

With amazing accuracy, the camp movie “Mars Attack” foretold an alien savior, who would fundamentally transform America and the world.

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Donald Trump Says Obama Is ‘Psycho’

Donald Trump said that something is mentally wrong with Obama, that he is “psycho,” but that no one knows what it is. Sam Vaknin, an internationally recognized expert in the field, has been maintaining that Obama is a psychopathic Narcissist for years already. Extreme Narcissism is a psychological disorder, called Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). It is the disorder of cult leaders and megalomanic political leaders. Listen to this Israeli radio program to learn more.

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Escondido Council Votes Down Housing for Illegal Aliens

Protesters in Southern California slapped down the ACLU and pro-illegal-alien-invasion forces, convincing the Escondido City Council by unanimous decision to deny approval of housing for Obama’s illegal colonization efforts in spite of an ACLU lawsuit. Many of these protesters are Murrieta vets now on fire and still on the march.

It should be remembered that aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a serious felony for ordinary citizens, but many local, state and federal governments are now on a mission to bring in as many illegal aliens as possible in order to advance an anti-American, “progressive” political agenda. Such subversive government officials should be held to the same legal standard as ordinary citizens. If we are still a nation of laws and not a nation of picking and choosing laws that we like, these politicians should be arrested for their felonious criminal acts.

The ACLU is planning now to bring a very expensive anti-discrimination lawsuit against the defiant Escondido Council in order to force them against the will of their constituents to open one of Obama’s illegal alien resettlement centers.

Click this link for a full report.

Escondido says no to illegal alien housing & transportation center.

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