Impeach Obama NOW – Organizer Conference Call Recording (1/25/15)

A recording of the organizer conference call of January 25, 2014. Towards the end, during the brainstorming session, it was suggested that we call for recurring impeach-Obama protests, always at the same date, time and place, which would presumably gather strength as more people learn about them.

Click to hear call


Recent Impeach Obama Protests

– Freedom of the Press, Santa Barbara
(Robin Hvidston)
– Boise State University – Obama visit
(Glen Graybill / Dave Pettinger / Quentin Kramer)
– University of Kansas – Obama visit

Strategy Discussion

– Protesting Obama visits nationwide
– Terrorism Hypocrisy Week / Impeach Obama
– Other ideas?

Other topics / Open Discussion

These are Quentin’s notes from the call:

· Maintain a credible web presence – 3 or 4 more professional blogs/sites for core messaging network

o People want to see why they are protesting, what is the objective and issue

o What is the agenda – speakers, etc. – just showing up a and holding a sign gets some ppl, a name draw gets more (get local celebrities involved – Montel?)

· How to create a minuteman network

o Because the schedule is not published long in advance, it’s hard to do much preparatory marketing around events

· Therefore, we need a network of people who are ready to show up on short notice

o Some events might be worth calling in sick over, but not everyone can; have a mix of days and times

o Look into emergency and event notification

o National pager network?

· Coordinate national registries

o 1-2 coordinators per state – digging up groups and liaising

o Identify like-minded civic action groups around the country and coordinate communications

o Identify and create network of conservative bloggers for flash news release/messaging coordination

· Clearly describe our objective and how we get there

o Impeachment

· Why? Make the case CLEARLY with an elevator pitch.

· On what grounds?

· CLEARLY educate

· Resource pool for activists – tools/education for protestors

Even if it were you, me and Glen insofar as a core team, we could easily set tangible goals.

– Set goals for the organization (e.g. impeachment, education about impeachment, etc.) [I also have someone who is great at video editing that works with me]

– Set schedule for weekly/monthly Overpasses

– Publish initial set of marketing literature by Feb. 15th

– Publish resources for organizers and protestors by Feb. 28th

– Gain the partnership of 10 conservative blogs by Feb 28th

– Identify one am or FM radio DJ in each state who will support the cause by Feb 28th

o Look into a protest in Boston last summer on immigration that had est. 5,000 people there – in (large?) part because a ‘no-name’ AM-radio DJ told people to go

– Identify 20 friendly internet radio personalities by Feb 28th

– A plan in place for 50 state coordinators by Feb. 30th ßa plan, not the coordinators themselves, but still ambitious.

– Have someone in place willing to take responsibility for overall ‘political group outreach’ by Feb 1

o For example, Campaign for Liberty is active in all 50 states and potentially each county in each of those states. Who is will coordinate outreach in aggregate?

– Communications plan in place by Feb. 28th

o Conservative blog – “press release” dissemination

o Flash communications network for protestor assembly on short notice

– Community action and subversion plan

o Public posters

o Street art

o Other ideas?

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Obama Avoiding Average Americans Like The Plague

Obama’s recent public appearances have been at fundraisers, before small radical activist groups for illegal immigration or with small crowds of star-struck high school and university students. In earlier years, he easily attracted crowds of tens of thousands of foam-at-the-mouth followers. Now he has to struggle to gain an audience of a couple thousand naïve college students.

The state-controlled media tries to put this in the best light. The New York Times trumpeted that he was cheered by thousands at Boise State University, when the crowd was barely two thousand and the free tickets were handed out almost exclusively to young college students.

Obama is believed to be a psychopathic extreme Narcissist. Many are confused by the term “Narcissist,” which is often used to describe people, who are merely conceited and arrogant, but not psychologically abnormal. Obama has a serious psychological disorder, the same disorder characteristic of dangerous cult leaders and megalomaniac, despotic rulers.

Pathological Narcissists crave idol worship like a junky craves his drug. This is why Obama is constantly travelling and arranging appearances only before groups, who will likely be delirious, unquestioning supporters. He is trying to restart the mania of support that he had in former years and also to indoctrinate and manipulate impressionable young people. A crowd of average Americans would not provide him with the hero worship that he requires to sate his hunger for adoration. He would certainly be booed by an average crowd of Americans.

Large, energetic protests for Obama’s removal and punishment outside these venues of hero-worship are a good way to disrupt such efforts to reinvigorate the maniacal cult following that he once enjoyed. It may even have the added benefit of causing him to park Air Force One for a while in order to finally stop wasting tax money with unnecessary trips to salve his ego.

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Traitors Bush and Rubio Trying To Change Topic Away From Amnesty And Impeachment?

Obama’s dictated Amnesty is a poison pill for America. The worst effects of it may not be apparent for yet a couple of years and by then it will likely be an irreversible, fundamental transformation of American into a banana republic. The two candidates trying to start the election campaign early are the two, who are most pro-amnesty, Jeb act-of-love Bush and Marco “El Cubano” Rubio. The collaborationist Republicans, in general, are not trying to end dictated amnesty, but just kick the can down the road until the clock runs out and amnesty can no longer be overturned. Illegal aliens, given documents by Obama today, will be given the right to vote tomorrow. At that point our fate as a nation will be sealed.

It seems highly doubtful that Amnesty can or will be stopped by congressional defunding, but that topic can be used by the Quisling Republicans to distract and delay any possible effective action against it for at least a year, or so. The longer Amnesty is in effect, the harder it will be to reverse. Do not expect a future Republican president, who will likely be someone like Jeb Bush, to reverse Obama’s Amnesty dictate. They have to do it now or never.

The campaign when it starts will be a huge distraction away from Obama’s many crimes, especially his illegal Amnesty. Obama’s DACA and more recent executive dictates will end up giving legal residency, not just to a few millions, as advertised, but a few tens of millions of illegal aliens. This will allow them to serve as a base for much more illegal chain immigration in the future, totally swamping American sovereignty, which is the ultimate goal of both parties and their financial controllers, who want both cheap labor and cheap votes.

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Impeach Obama NOW – Conference Call Recording

LasVegas_Pic005Listen to the call at this link below. You can jump around in the recording, in case you don’t want to listen to the entire 1.5 hours. Skip the first 10 minutes. About 8 people took part in the call this time.

Listen here – Impeach Obama NOW – Conference Call

Maybe we should have these every Sunday evening for a while at 6pm PST / 9pm EST? The idea is just to have an informal chat, encourage activists around the country to know each other better, exchange info and try to come up with some joint approaches and plans.

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Amnesty / Impeach Obama Protest in Lawrence, Kansas (University of Kansas)

Kansas-OverpassProtestKing Obama, the son of promise and child of hope, will be in Lawrence, Kansas on Thursday to receive the idolization of his slobbering followers. A protest has been scheduled. If you belong to a group in the area, please ask your organizer to support this protest. We need one or more local contacts on the ground in Kansas to take charge of the event. You can remain anonymous, if you like. Please send me a message via the “contact” tab at the top.

How to get free tickets to boo Obama

Keep checking this website for updates.

Where:      Anschutz Sports Pavilon   Map 
            University of Kansas, 
            Lawrence, KS 
Time:       8:30am  
Date:       Thursday, January 22, 2015
Organizer:  Overpasses for America - Kansas

If you don't have a sign, bring a flag to wave, a noisemaker, a bullhorn, or just bring your lungs and stand with the protesters. Every single person counts.

At the link below are some poster images that you can download and take to Staples and have them print for a 2x3ft sign for about $3.50 per copy.

Impeach Obama Poster Downloads

This was a protest of an Obama visit to Las Vegas in November, 2014

Roger Ogden
Impeach Obama NOW!
San Diego, Ca

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Impeach Obama NOW / Amnesty Protest in Boise, Idaho

Recent protest in Cedar Falls, Iowa

Recent protest in Cedar Falls, Iowa

Mad King Obama will visit Boise, Idaho on Wednesday to address his worshipful subjects at Boise State University. A local patriot group is organizing a protest. Others are requested to join in. If you belong to a group in the area, please ask your organizer to support this protest. This one is expected to be a great protest with multiple groups joining in. So, don’t miss it! Make Boise proud that you stood up to this historic tyrant.

Here Are the Details on Obama’s Trip to Boise (Including How to Get a Ticket)

Keep checking this website for updates.

Where:      Caven-Williams Sport Complex, BSU  Map
            Broadway and West University Drive
            Boise, Idaho
Time:       12 noon  
            (Gate opens at noon, Air Force One lands at 1:20pm)  
Date:       Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Parking:    Parking my be complicated due to street closures 
and restricted parking in stadium lots.   Street parking may be 
available near the event, especially west of Broadway.  Parking 
in pay garages downtown is the most sure option. 
Organizer:  Glen Graybill, Sr.
Event Page: Protest against President Barack Obama

If you don’t have a sign, bring a flag to wave, a noisemaker, a bullhorn, or just bring your lungs and stand with the protesters. Every single person counts.

At the link below are some poster images that you can download and take to Staples and have them print for a 2x3ft sign for about $3.50 per copy.

Impeach Obama Poster Downloads

Note: There will be lots of media at this event. Keep in mind that Obama’s propagandists will be trying to make the protesters look extreme, violent and dumb. This is a freedom-of-speech protest and a display of passion is good, but suggest not playing into their hands. Also, keep on the alert for agitators, who may try to provoke some sort of confrontation for the same purpose. Agitators do not always present themselves as leftists. They may even try to look like they are on your side, but be trying to embarrass your cause.

If you send me images and video clips of the protest, I will edit them together and produce a YouTube clip out of it for upload. You can send large video files for free without installing software via services like this.

Drop Send

Let me know via the contact tab above, if you have something to share.

Roger Ogden
Impeach Obama NOW
San Diego, Ca

This was a protest of an Obama visit to Las Vegas in November, 2014

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Protest Of Obama Visit To Cedar Falls

54b701a886951.imageObama visited Cedar Falls to promote government control of the Internet and was protested by the local Patriots for Christ group. See photos of the protest at the links below and the YouTube clip of an interview of one of the participants by Graham Ledger of One America News Network.

Obama Protest – Waterloo / Cedar Falls Courier

Obama Protest – Getty Images

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