Announcing National Impeach Obama Week II

Impeach Obama Protest - Austin, Texas

Impeach Obama Protest – Austin, Texas

Find a street corner a government building or an overpass and start making your signs, because National Impeach Obama Week is October 18-25, just before the mid-term elections. The time to stand up and be counted is before the election, not after the election. You can learn more and register your own protest at this link.

National Impeach Obama Week

Large and small protests are encouraged all across the Nation. They all count. We want to enable average Americans to stand up and speak out. Anyone can do this. All you need is a couple of like-minded friends and some signs.

Since we hardly expect the main-stream media to publicize this event beforehand, we plan to repeat these protests every few weeks, gradually attract new participants and snowball the effort. So, have patience and stick with us over the longer term. This is a campaign that will last months, not a single event.

This is an all-volunteer effort, we do not ask for your money, only your participation. Please send photos and video of your event afterwards so that we can show our results and attract new participants for the next event. Act like America is depending on you, because she is!

Impeach Obama Protest - Norwich, NY

Impeach Obama Protest – Norwich, NY

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Impeach Obama Protest Scheduled for 11/22/14 in Longview, Texas

Stand Up America Protest in Longview, Texas to be held on 11/22/14
Click on photo to go to the event page

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Man In Hazmat Suit Protests Obama

A Chicagoan in a Hazmat suite posts anti-Obama posters. Note that this is a one-man protest and a very effective one. We should not be embarrassed or apologetic about small protests, but just try to make them as effective as possible and make them as visible as possible, not just at the protest location but in the Internet. Polls show that 35% of Americans, 100 million and growing, want Obama removed from office. Many are still undecided and the percentage could yet go much higher, especially, if Obama dictates an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens as is expected.

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Blacks Walk Out During Obama Speech In Wisconsin

After six years of blatant lies and broken promises, the thrill is gone. Some disgruntled mostly black Americans walk out early during an Obama stump speech for the Democratic candidate for Governor, Mary Burke. It seems the white liberals are still drinking the Kool-aid. (October 28, 2014)

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Protest of Obama’s Dictated Seizure of San Gabriel Mountain Area

Obama issues an executive dictate that made much of the San Gabriel Mountains a national monument. Obama justified the land grab via the Antiquities Act of 1906, which gives the president the right to designate areas for protection of historic landmarks and structures. It would seem to be a stretch for him to designate this entire mountain range, including a significant amount of private property, as a national monument without public review. The video is in B&W due to a camera problem.

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Homeless Joining Impeach Obama Protests

Homeless have started joining recent impeach Obama protests in downtown San Diego. In recent months, more and more homeless and near homeless want to express their frustration with and disappointment in Obama. These protests were a part of National Impeach Obama Week II in October, 2014. The protests were also against an Obama-dictated Amnesty for illegal aliens and for boycotting the Obama-subservient, broadcast media. The event took place in front of NBC Studios in downtown San Diego, California.

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Impeach Obama Protest Organizer Threatened

Brandy Mason is a former national organizer of the Overpasses for America group. She reportedly received this abusive and intimidating message from the Founder of the group, James Neighbors, threatening to sue her. James Neighbors has threatened multiple times to sue members of his own group. Several women have come forward and said that he is abusive and intimidating towards women. Others have reported that he lies, is manipulative, controlling and misuses funds for personal expenses.

Brandy has said that Neighbors claimed she is “crazy” and threatened to report her to Child Protective Services (CPS) and that she is a danger to herself and her children as part of an intimidation campaign against her. This implied that her children would be taken away, if she did not cooperate with him.

James Threatening Us

To see the full thread and James Neighbors at his worst, click here.

Expose Fakes – Another O4A Sham

To read more about James Neighbors, click on the link to the Neighbors archive below:

James Neighbors Scandal Archive

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Facebook Blocks National Anti-Amnesty Protests!!

Or, do the two organizers, Gheen and Neighbors, just see that the turnout will be very light and need a scapegoat to blame it on. When the protests do not meet the over-hyped expectations that they have built up, it can always be blamed on Facebook interference.

Large protests across the nation are needed to stop Obama’s dictated Amnesty and you should attend a protest, if you have the opportunity. You probably just should not put all your hope in William Gheen and Jim Neighbors or take their self-serving antics too seriously.

Individual local protest organizers with a commitment to the longer term are needed to take charge all across America to stop the the dictated amnesty that Obama has planned for the ultimate destruction of our national sovereignty and the destruction of the institutions of the American Republic. To become very large and unstoppable, the effort cannot depend on just 1-2 national organizers. Many local organizers are necessary.

Obama has already created a form of amnesty for millions, in that illegal aliens are not deported now, unless they have committed very serious crimes. Even many illegal aliens, who have committed crimes are not being deported. Not being subject to the law is a form of amnesty. The next phase of Obama’s dictated amnesty will provide many millions of illegal aliens with green cards and other documentation for obtaining residency and other benefits. This will take jobs from Americans and encourage an even greater flood of illegal immigration in the future, swamping the US.

The only way to be certain of stopping this treasonous conspiracy by Obama and allied politicians is for a very large mass-movement of the American People to demand that the subversive traitor, Obama, and his collaborators be removed from office and incarcerated — or otherwise punished — for his many crimes.

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