National Impeach Obama Protest – Presidents’ Day Weekend

CarlsbadAn international news agency, who has said they do not want their name used, has indicated that they are interested in a story about Impeach Obama protests on Presidents’ Day weekend.

It does not have to be a large protest. Anyone, who wants to try to organize a protest can be listed, just give us a time and place, whether an overpass, busy street corner or in front of a Government building.

Sign-Making Tips

Poster Image Downloads, Ready for Printing

If you are organizing a protest, leave a comment with the information or send it to me via the contact button at the top of the page. More information can be provided via a private e-mail, if you like, use the contact button above.

Update: the news agency has now stated that they are only interested in covering the protest in San Diego (or the largest event). It is always good to have more rallies, however, if others want to organize them in sympathy. If you have a bigger and better event that we have in San Diego, video of it can be submitted and the agency can decide what to use. They want 1-2 minutes of video of the event.


Organization: Stop Obama Now - San Diego
Time:         11am-2pm
Date:         February 15, 2014
Place:        Chinquapin Overpass on I5,
              900 Chinquapin Ave., Carlsbad, CA

Organization: TBD
Time:         TBD
Date:         TBD
Place:        Fresno, Ca


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5 Responses to National Impeach Obama Protest – Presidents’ Day Weekend

  1. John Kloch says:

    impeach Obama and let him find work now.

  2. Reblogged this on Politically Short and commented:
    Something to Watch…Keep up the PRESSURE!

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