Why has Obama not been Impeached?

Tea Party March on Washington.

Tea Party March on Washington, September, 2009.

Obama has not been impeached and removed, mainly because it has not been demanded by Americans in large numbers in public protests. In order to have a large protest movement, many organizers and local groups are needed. The Tea Party reportedly has about 3,000 local groups. The impeach Obama effort has currently no more than a few dozen local groups. In order to impeach and remove Obama this still budding effort has to grow a lot larger.

The Tea Party organizations may be doing some good things, but have never supported or campaigned explicitly for impeachment. How can Obama be impeached when very few are demanding it? The national organizations have filed for non-profit status and in so doing have made a deal with the devil, so to speak. Non-profit, 501(c) organizations cannot, by law, be mainly about politics. If they campaign for Obama’s impeachment and removal they can say goodbye forever to their tax-exempt status. This means we need new, separate groups, who will not have to kiss Obama’s ring for approval to protest for his removal, or even to meekly speak out against him and his crimes, directly. Ironically, they do not want to bite the hand of the Big Government that feeds them tax benefits, even though their stated mission is to fight Big Government. They have been co-opted and muzzled.

Impeach Nixon Demo (1974)

Impeach Nixon Demo (1974)

When Nixon was forced to resign or be impeached there were millions on the streets protesting against him and the war in Vietnam. There were local groups that supported it organized all across the nation, primarily at colleges and universities. It was Republican congressional leaders, who told Nixon he had to resign, because they feared social upheaval, if he remained. The Republican leadership were concerned that their heads would be on the same chopping block as Nixon’s. The country was literally on the brink of revolution.

The same has to be done with the Democrats. We have to tell them to remove Obama, not plead for it. There has to be real fear of the consequences, if Obama is not removed, among the leadership of both major parties. They have to feel that they are next in line to be punished.

Impeach Nixon Now Demo

Impeach Nixon Now Demo

At this time, Congress has no fear at all of a public reaction. They fear rather the consequences of even speaking of his impeachment, because he has many fanatical supporters, who will retaliate. For that reason, Obama believes that he can violate the law and shred the Constitution with relative impunity. A very large impeach-Obama movement in the streets is needed to put wind in the sales of a congressional effort to impeach and remove the Great Usurper.

Writing letters and calling Congress is fine, but it is not enough. Just starting a FaceBook page, even if it has 100K followers, is not enough. Signing petitions that mostly are not even delivered is not enough.

We were not the first to honk for impeachment.

We are not the first to honk for impeachment.

Local protest groups have to be organized first and/or existing groups have to be persuaded to join the effort. The Tea Party had a couple thousand local groups, before they marched on Washington. There were huge numbers of local protests, before the Tea Party attempted a march on Washington. Conservative broadcast media, like Fox News, helped motivate participants by covering the movement.

To just configure a FaceBook page or a blog page and expect a million people to turn out is totally unrealistic. There has to be a lot of work at the local level, first, by hundreds of groups across the nation. If YOU want it, YOU have to volunteer, help start and grow groups in YOUR local area. Even in this era of social media, political movements are still made up of local groups, which depend on personal contacts, word-of-mouth and face-to-face personal relationships. You cannot have an army without having platoons led by a sargent.

The Arab Spring was not organized primarily on FaceBook as the media misled many to believe. It was organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, unions and other political organizations with many local chapters.

A list of groups, that are working for impeachment is at this link. You can find a group, or your own group can be added to this list. To add a group to the list, send a request via the “contact” tab at the top of the page.

Impeach Obama Now Coalition – Group Directory

If you want Obama removed, you have to answer the call and help remove him. This is about removing and punishing a criminal president, not about who will replace him.

Boehner and McConnell should be added to this line-up

The Quislings, Boehner and McConnell,
should be added to this line-up

4 Responses to Why has Obama not been Impeached?

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  3. Stone Boy Singh says:

    Because he is the best president we’ve had. And because normal people love him and the job he’s doing. Look at his numbers. Look at the recovery statistics. The majority of American people love him and are doing better with Barack on the job.

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