Welcoming City Proclamation Retracted by Mayor Dedina of Imperial Beach

cc_meeting-1-01Last month the leftist mayor of Imperial Beach, Ca, Serge Dedina, issued a proclamation declaring Imperial Beach to be a “Welcoming City” a part of Welcoming Communities network, which is related to the Sanctuary City concept. The “Welcoming Communities” program is an Obama initiative, a part of the New Americans Project, intended to resettle large numbers of refugees from Syria, the rest of the Middle East and Central America in cities and towns across America as part of his efforts for “fundamental transformation.” There are several dozen “Welcoming Cities” and other “welcoming communities” across the US.

Obama's Network of Welcoming Communities

Obama’s Expanding Network of “Welcoming Communities”

A proclamation by a mayor is normally totally innocuous. That is, it is non-political and does not commit the city to any action. For that reason it does not require a vote by the council members. A proclamation to welcome refugees is however extremely political at this time. Acceptance of large numbers of refugees, which often don’t seem to fit the legal definition of “refugee,” is one of the main topics of contention in the presidential election. The mayor also did direct City departments to take action and help refugees. For these reasons the proclamation was inappropriate.

Four patriots and veterans found out about this proclamation after it had passed and went to the next City Council meeting to speak out against it. Word got out and at the next City Council Meeting 50-55 irate citizens turned out as you can see in the videos below.

This is the Mayors press release retracting the proclamation.


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Protest ‘Welcoming City’ Proclamation by Imperial Beach, Inviting Un-screened ‘Refugees’

Imperiasl Beach Welcome SyriansAt the next City Council meeting, citizens will speak out against the resettlement of large numbers of largely un-screened pseudo-refugees from the the Middle East and Central America into Imperial Beach, a suburb of San Diego.

This issue has already received some national attention with Gina Loudon’s article published in WND. We have a chance to get much much broader publicity for the, as yet, little-known “Welcoming City” scheme to resettle large numbers of refugees from terrorist and drug cartel areas that cannot be properly screened.

Be there early in order sign up to speak, to get a good seat and also there may be a protest before the meeting. A couple thousand local patriots have been e-mailed about this council meeting by various people. Most won’t show up, of course, but a good participation is expected. All are urged to attend to show your support.

      Time:  6:00 pm (be there early)
      Date:  Wednesday, September 21, 2016
      Where: Imperial Beach City Hall  MAP 
             825 Imperial Beach Blvd.
             Imperial Beach, CA 91932

Take exit #4 west and then turn right on Coronado Ave.  
Coronado Ave turns into Imperial Beach Blvd.

Last month the leftist, ultra green, mayor of Imperial Beach, Serge Dedina, issued a proclamation declaring Imperial Beach to be a “Welcoming City” a part of Welcoming Communities network. The “Welcoming Communities” program is an Obama initiative intended to resettle large numbers of refugees from Syria, the rest of the Middle East and Latin America in cities and towns across America as part of his “fundamental transformation.” Obama plans to commit us to a huge increase in refugees next year. Between those from the Middle East and Central America it may be as high as a quarter million!

A “Welcoming City” proclamation is the first step in the planning process to receive the refugees. This program will also be used to welcome other (read illegal) immigrants. The Mayor’s proclamation was instigated and its approval celebrated by various anti-American, Marxist, radical Chicano and Muslim Brotherhood related groups. It speaks of “legal immigrants,” but IB is policed by the Sheriff’s Department and they are not allowed to check legal status.

At the next City Council Meeting, four patriots threw a big wrench in the works, speaking out against the “Welcoming City” declaration. Here is the 25-minute long video of both City Council meetings edited together. The four patriots speak out at about 19:00.

Imperial Beach Council Welcomes Terror / Drug ‘Refugees’

Gina Loudon wrote an Article about it for WND

‘Welcoming Cities’ scheme comes to a town near you (WND)

The San Diego Reader produced this hit-piece trying to shut down the opposition.

Imperial Beach right-wing backlashed (Reader)

A couple of letters to the editor of local publications have also been written.

This blogger was requested by one of the participants to help publicize the effort. The patriots of Imperial Beach and their friends are rising up spontaneously against City Hall. There is no single, main organizer of this event.

Everyone is invited to help them! Please share this info. Everyone in Southern California has an interest in not inviting more potential terrorists and gang members to resettle here. Don’t let Serge Dedina do to Imperial Beach what Angela Merkel did to Germany!

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Trump Fundraiser / Rally / Protest in San Diego, July 13th

TrumpFundraising0706This is what we know about the time and place of the Trump Fundraiser on July 13th in Rancho Santa Fe, about 25 miles north of San Diego.

It will be held at a private residence in the Del Mar Country Club. The most likely place for a rally/protest appears to be right in front of the main entrance at the intersection of San Dieguito Road and Camino Santa Fe.

Place:     Del Mar Country Club
Address:   6001 Clubhouse Dr, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
Time:      4:30 pm (suggested start time)
Date:      July 13th (Wednesday)

Click to download a map in PDF format 

This report by NBC 7 states that Trump will arrive at 5:30 pm. If you want to be sure to see him arrive, it’s best to be there very early.

NBC 7: Trump, Biden to Visit San Diego Area Wednesday

Trump to attend fundraiser in Del Mar Country Club

The event is listed as a reception/dinner. So, he would be expected to arrive in the late afternoon or early evening.

There is some room to park along San Dieguito Road in the dirt. In case there is not enough parking you may want to carpool or be prepared to park somewhere else and use Uber or Lyft to get to the Country Club.

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Bishop McElroy Panders To Muslim Brotherhood

Catholic Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego bashes Americans as “bigots” and praises Islam at a meeting with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). ISNA was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood and has ties to Islamic terrorist groups. The organization promotes radical Wahhabism in the U.S. It was provided with a stage for propagandizing the public by the Bishop at the University of San Diego’s Joan Kroc Institution for Peace and Justice. These are just some snippets from the panel discussion.

Bishop McElroy has a leftist, progressive, anti-American orientation. He promotes open borders and illegal immigration. Marxist Liberation Theology appears to have been a major influence on his political views. He was educated in elite secular universities, not just in religious schools. He studied theology at Berkeley and has a Ph.D. in political science from Stanford University.

McElroy was recently appointed bishop of San Diego by the progressive/Marxist Pope Francis. So, they are certainly like-minded. This type of leftist, anti-American, political orientation is apparently not uncommon among today’s church hierarchy. That it is so widespread is probably the reason that the previous Pope, Benedict, was pushed aside. Pope Benedict was an anti-Communist warhorse, who helped bring down the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc. Now, it seems the Marxists have taken over the Catholic Church in retaliation.

This is an earlier video of Bishop McElroy at an event organized by the local group of Alinsky-style community organizers to promote illegal immigration.


Below is a 80-minute-long talk about progressive penetration of churches and support of churches for Alinsky-style, community organizing groups. The speaker also has a book, available on Amazon, entitled “Change Agents: Alinskyian Organizing among Religious Bodies,” a four-volume exploration of the history, ideology and damage done by these faith-based, politically progressive groups.

Alinsky/Progressive Takeover of the Church


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Protest Against Sanctuary Cities At Pelosi Talk In Claremont, California

Activists protested for the end of sanctuary cities at a talk by Nancy Pelosi at Scripps College on February 18, 2016. The protest was organized by We The People Rising. The protesters held signs produced by the Remembrance Project with photos of victims of illegal aliens and the circumstances of their deaths. It is already against federal law to aid and abet illegal aliens. For that reason sanctuary cities are clearly illegal, but have been tolerated by politicians of both parties for decades.


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Protest Pelosi Visit to Claremont, Ca – Feb. 18

RemembranceSignsNancy Pelosi will be in Claremont on Feb 18th.  A protest is planned against Sanctuary Cities by We The People Rising.

The organizers are looking for volunteers to hold parts of the quilt as shown in the image. For more information form We The People Rising, click the link below:

End Sanctuary Cities

Where:   Garrison Theater, Scripps College  map
         Scripps College - Los Angeles County 
         E. Tenth Street 
         Claremont, CA 91711
         Corner of 10th and Dartmouth Ave.
Time:    Rally in front of the event – 11:30am
Date:    Thursday, February 18, 2016 
Nancy Pelosi, wears a Muslim Hijab inside Ommadad Mosque in Syria.

Nancy Pelosi wears a fundamentalist
Muslim Hijab in Syria.









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In Memory Of Blair McGranahan

Blair07Blair McGranahan was 92 and still going to protests, a regular at our “Impeach Obama Now” protests in San Diego, North County. His last protest with us was very appropriately on the 4th of July, just a few weeks before he died. His favorite sign was “STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.” We did not know then that we were saying “goodbye” to him at his last protest on Independence Day.

Read more: In Memory Of Blair McGranahan

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